As we celebrate our fifth year of helping children overcome attention and learning issues, I would like to share the story of one of our graduates whose independently documented success merits special attention.  While his mother has given us permission to discuss this young man's progress, I'll simply refer to him as "Mark."

Mark entered our program struggling in several areas. Though verbally advanced, Mark had problems with attention, organization, visual spatial skills, and sensory integration.  His handwriting was illegible, math was extremely frustrating, and homework took hours to complete.

Years of physical and occupational therapy yielded minimal results.  His parents had tried other therapies, but Mark's weak sensory skills interfered with his ability to benefit from such intervention.

Through time, hard work, and the unswerving dedication and support of his parents, Mark graduated from the Spark Development & Learning Program™.

--    Mark now boasts a "95" average at school.

--    He is now fully enrolled in "mainstream" classes.

--    His school administered IQ score is now TWENTY (20) POINTS HIGHER!


The following are excerpts from actual testimonials submitted by clients of Spark Development.  As you read these testimonials, please remember that every child is different, and that results will vary.  We thank our parents for their time, support, and the opportunity to serve their families.  Please note:  The names have been altered to insure confidentiality.


"- School is much easier,

- Homework is easier,

- Noticeable change [seen] by teachers,

- He is more coordinated,

- No longer on medication."

                                                                                 - Eileen D. (Oceanside)


"When 'Tyler' began Spark, the family was experiencing tremendous stress in coping with his behavior.  It took HOURS to complete homework.  His frustration -- and our corresponding frustration -- was exhausting.

Now, Tyler sometimes does his homework on the bus. . . .  Homework is completed without tantrums and in a reasonable amount of time. . . .  Thank you!

                                                                                 - Elizabeth C. (Malverne)


"When I think of Spark Center and what it’s meant to our son and our family, it's almost impossible to explain, but I will try.

--  Spark is:  Help, hope, acceptance, family, fun and friends.

--   It's:  Patience, determination, health, focus, balance and rhythm. . . .

--   It's:   Love, hard work, action, growth, progress and results.

For us, Spark is all that and more.”

- Ellyn T. (Five Towns)

Middle school was a difficult transition for my son, both socially and academically. . . . I decided to give [Spark] a try. It was the best move I’ve ever made.

Spark gave my son the skills and confidence to achieve the success he knew he could attain. [H]e has become a successful student and more confident child.”

                                                             - Mrs. Arlene K. (Hicksville)

In a few weeks [at Spark Development, my son] achieved what years of [other therapies] couldn’t accomplish. . . .

We’re very pleased with the improvements he’s made at Spark."

                                                            - Mrs. Sandra M. (Rockville Center)

We have noticed improvements in reading. . . . [Our son’s] ability to remain still has improved. [His] ability to remain quiet has improved.

[He] absolutely loves going to Spark – his accomplishments there, in conjunction with the way he is treated, has boosted his self-esteem."

                                                            - Mrs. Mary G. (Rockville Centre)

Spark Development is an amazing program. . . . My son was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. He also seemed to have issues with motor function. Within two months, results from the Spark Development Program were evident in many areas of his life. . . .

Through Spark we found that there was a direct connection between his diet . . . and his performance. . . . The nutrition counseling I received is invaluable not only for my son, but benefits my entire family as well.

Our motto is ‘Everyday I Get Better’ and with Spark Development Program he truly has."

                                                            - Mrs. Alice P. (Valley Stream)

It is now 4 months into the program and my husband and I are already seeing the results. . . . We had discontinued our daughter’s medication for the summer . . . . She has been in more control of her body and able to focus more intently.

My hopes and concerns have been answered and it is with writing this letter of testimony for anyone who struggles with this diagnosis that they would seek out [Spark Development].”

                                                            - Mrs. Evelyn T. (Oceanside)

My son, Alex, has been seen by neurologists, psychiatrists, special ed experts, occupational therapists, behavioral pediatricians, and experts on children adopted from orphanages. None have had the positive effect that Spark has had in bringing about a more manageable, pleasant child.

Before I started Spark, my son had day after day of non-stop hyperactivity, bad moods, fits and extreme sensory manifestations. Now these behaviors are only episodic, and after only a few months of treatment. With all the experts I’ve had my 7 year old seen by, none have been anywhere near as patient, interested, and devoted as the people at Spark.”

- Mrs. Amy R. (Garden City)

My daughter has trouble with math, reading, and overall struggles in school. . . . [S]ince [starting Spark] I have noticed her reading improving and her writing very much improve. She now can compose her own letters and sentences all on her own. . . .

Since school has started this year she has been doing her homework all on her own, which is incredible. . . .

I know that the improvement is just beginning, and I know she will make gains as we go forth with our therapy. This is a child who could not read at all and now is almost ready for chapter books. Thank you to everyone at Spark.”

- Mrs. Joy M. (Massapequa)

Michael . . . has made such progress since [attending Spark Development] that we are completely amazed. . . .

About two weeks after starting Spark, Michael tied his shoes for the first time. . . . When he returned to school . . . we noticed a decrease in letter and number reversals. . . . His writing was also more legible.

Academically, he has made incredible gains. He still has some struggles but nothing like before. He has also become more confident. . . . Michael has friends and socially he is doing very well.

The Spark Development Centers motto is ‘unlock your child's potential’ and they have unlocked Michael's. He is going places and it is beautiful to watch him begin to soar."

                                                            - Mrs. Maureen W. (Lynbrook)

Spark Development offers a terrific program. As an adult graduate, I was really impressed by Spark’s professionalism, motivation and desire to help people overcome issues that interfere with learning and growth, be it personal or business. Noticing improvement in various aspects of my daily life rather quickly, I can highly recommend this specific type of program to anyone interested in improving their learning capacity.”

- Mr. Patrick M. (Lynbrook)

After years of my son being tutored . . . I came across the ad for Spark Development in a Parents Magazine. . . .

My son was 12 when he started and during his testing we were told, for the first time, that he had tracking problems. My son always had problems reading, he would easily lose his place and would need to point to every word as he read. He hated reading.

It was a little over a year and my son "graduated" from Sparks. He can read without his finger or guide and his handwriting is now legible. His grades have improved. . . .

We are looking forward to September (well most of us are) when he will start fresh with new teachers, new classes and a new outlook on school with the skills he learned at Spark Development.

Spark is a great program that helps its students without them realizing it. They make it fun to learn to focus.

Thank you Rob, Avi and the Staff at Sparks!"

- Mrs. Katherine L. (East Meadow)

Spark is helping me with my reading a lot!! And it helps me skateboard better."

                                                            - Robert M. (Spark Student)


These are just a few of the parents and children we’ve been able to help.

While results may vary, if you haven’t found an answer to your child’s attention, learning or behavior issues, isn’t it time to give us a try?


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